About Eat at Daves

We are a sandwich shop located at 14 Channel St, Galashiels TD1 1BA. Our services include both delivery and collection; you can choose to order and either get your craving delivered right at home or collect it in person at the shop.

You are desperate to know of a shop which is the best in the town? Never mind! Just do a quick search for that on Google by asking: ‘Where is the best sandwich shop near me?’, and ‘Eat at Daves’ will assuredly appear on the screen.

Our customers can choose their favourite dishes from our varied menu since we offer a whole lot of wonderful dishes ranging from juicy Burgers to homemade Hot Wraps.

You wouldn’t miss out on our full English breakfast if you knew about its nutritional value. By trying it, you will meet all your need for daily intake of protein.

The greatest part of our popularity comes from our grilled Paninis the recipes of which show extremes of vegetarian and meatatarian. Mix recipes like ham-cheese Paninis are also available.

Our Salad Box is a bowl of vibrant colours, health and nutritiousness. Before the hearty portions of protein-rich dishes, you can have a box of our organic salad if you like everything to go like clockwork all along with your digestive system.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have recently been granted the proud membership of Mealzo to join its online ordering portal. So, if your orders are placed through https://mealzo.co.uk, you will obtain a discount of £3 provided that you spend over £15 on your purchase.

You are welcome to call us at 01896757307 as long as you need to ask any questions about our menu and services.

Thank you for being our valued customer.




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